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Unicorn Hoop Fest 2017

Unicorn Hoopfest 2017 featured:

Sharna Rose (UK)


Winner of the 2017 Hooper hall of fame award at the annual Hoopies! A seasoned hooper of 11+ years, with her self-proclaimed "wonky" hoop style, she is known for breaking boundaries through her celebrating the "imperfections" and flow to take hooping to new exciting places. 




Folding and flying. A workshop exploring the following techniques: tracing, folding, speed, dynamics, planes and trajectory to create beautiful visual flights of fancy (these sequences will not be taught at Birmingham hoopfest 2017).

Birte Poi (Germany)


Birte (AKA Amalaya) has been fire performing since 2005 and hooping since 2009. She has taught at the EJC, German Hoop Con, SWhoop and other international juggling conventions, as well as teaching regular classes in Berlin. Her hooping is defined by poi style tricks as much manipulation, isolations, floor hooping and hoop juggling. Her newest performance combines hula hoop and contact ball to create a very unique visual experience. 



This workshop is all about your legs! You know that moment when you have drilled your isolations and flowers and your shoulder needs a break? Perfect, now learn stunning new leg based tricks, and we are not talking about knee hooping or foot hooping either. The hoop will be in contact with you and the floor at all times. 

Kay Pink Hoops (UK)


Hooping since 2010, Kay has been a professional hoop instructor since 2011. She has taught solo tours around the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as well as hooping festivals world wide including Spin summit (USA), New Zealand Hoop Fest, German Hoop Con, Swhoop, Manchester Hoop Con, Birmingham Hoop Fest, UK Hoop Gathering, and the EJC. A finalist in the first ever Hooping Idol, Kay is known for her foot hooping, twins, flow and her award winning Hoop burlesque performances.




Anything hands can do feet can do better! This workshop explores foot hooping, from standing to floor based tricks. Covering the basics of foot hooping and how to clean it up, throws, rolls and kicks. Increasing your control over the hoop with your foot allowing for greater freedom of movement and dancing while foot hooping. Even if you haven't fallen in love with foot hooping before this workshop will get you excited for the endless possibilities with your feet (contains new material not taught in the workshop before)!

Brothers Swag (New Zealand)


Crazy multi-hooping off body hoop duo!

MAT E TRICKS (AKA Sir Hoopsalot) is an all round circus maverick! Known for combining hoop tech with his edgy hip hop style. He has taught at German Hoop Con, Play (UK), EJC and Spinfest (Australia).

MR JEFF trained in Circus Aotearoa and has taught at MOPS (USA), German Hoop Convention and Hoopy Happenings (Australia). His style of hooping is very isolation based mixed with native American style hooping, creating big shapes and mandalas. 




This workshop will expand your horizons of the possibilities with 2 and 3 hoop tricks. Working on Fakes and clicks, the sneaky toss, body cascade variations, wrist rolls into the no beat weave. Fuzzles and Swizzles, and looking into fun 2 hoop isolation. 

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