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NOW AVAILABLE - The first ever Unicorn Hooper calendar featuring brilliant shots of international hoopers wearing Unicorn Hooper clothing!

Purchase here through our lovely Etsy shop 

Featuring amazing hoopers from across the globe:

Gail O'Brien (UK), Morgan Jenkins (USA), Deanne Love (Aus),  Emma Kenna (UK),  C- Section (Aus), Sharna Rose (UK), Sky Flow artist (Spain), Callum and Lisa (UK),  Michele Clark (Germany), Lila Chupa-Hoops (France), Paola Berton (Italy), Kay Pink Hoops (UK).


The calendar features listings of awesome hoop events taking place around the world in 2019 so you can plan your hooping year!


All clothing is available in our Unicorn Hooper Etsy shop!


to get your colourful hoop-themed clothing!

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